Terms & Conditions

Last Updated on December 26, 2016

Processing and Turn Around Time

-Standard processing time is 7-14 business days from when the initial deposit is paid.

-Processing time for larger orders will require additional production time. Please inquire about our processing times for larger orders.


The following items must be approved in writing by Master Ink Studios and by the client before a job will begin: 

  1. Artwork with Mock-Up to include Ink Color(s)
  2. Dimensions and Placement Garment Color(s)
  3. Garment and Apparel Size(s)
  4.  Total Price of the Order
  5. Due Date and Shipping Costs (if applicable)

Full Payment

-100% deposit is required before any printing shall begin.

-The remaining balance in full is expected when the order is complete before shipping.

-Cash, bank transfer, and most debit and credit cards are accepted.

-If a completed order is not paid for within ten (10) business days, garments will be held in separate storage until payment.


Rush and Expedited Orders

An additional rush processing fee of $50 shall apply.

Rush and expedited orders must be submitted by written request and must be paid in full at the time the order is placed. Expedited orders must have a reasonable processing time and order quantity for Master Ink Studios to accept and complete the job.


Out of Stock

If the manufacturer is out of stock of a specific color or item, customers have the option to wait until the item number is back in stock or Master Ink Studios can offer a variety of possible substitutions.


Customer Supplied Garment Selection

For customers that choose to bring their own garments, it is REQUIRED to bring 1-2 extras of each item in style, size, and color.

Master Ink Studios shall review the garment quality, type of material, color, size, and quantities of each. In cases where the item quality will not stand up to processing, we may be unable to accept the work order.

We do not replace customer supplied garments if there is a misprint, we only replace the print.

The client must separate and organize garments prior to bringing them into the shop for printing.


Pantone Color Matching

For no additional charge, color choices can be made from our house color chart.

Custom Pantone colors that are not standard in-house color options will be billed accordingly.

Color and Pantone matching on textiles is not exact or guaranteed to match perfectly.

Using a current Pantone book is the best way to make a color selection accurately.

There may be a reasonable variation in colors such as viewing on a monitor or printed page.

If you are sensitive to the print color, please verify against a Pantone swatch.

Master Ink Studios shall not be held responsible for a color

that was customer approved against a visual mockup.


Color Fidelity on Split/ Linked Prints

Due to the complexity of the split print process, some minor color variations between the split locations may be noticeable.

The heat curing system can sometimes affect the appearance of fabric, which can then alter the look of the ink color of the second print. While we can’t guarantee an exact match for both locations every time, Master Ink Studios will confidently complete each order with high standards and professionalism.



In the event of a printing error on our part, Master Ink Studios we will reprint the order at no additional customer cost as we do not offer refunds after printing. Printing Error Examples: printing the wrong art, location, or ordering the wrong garment colors.

You must bring in the misprint garments to receive a store credit.


Over-runs and Under-runs

Over-runs or under-runs not to exceed 10% on quantities ordered shall constitute acceptable delivery.

Master Ink Studios will bill for the actual quantity printed.


User Subjectivity

Master Ink Studios stands behind the quality of our screen printing and will reproduce your graphics onto items or substrate with maximum accuracy and quality.
To minimize final product user subjectivity, we offer detailed mockups (written approval by the client is mandatory for every order), digital press proofs (free for each location), or pre-production samples ($20 for each color printed or each screen set up) for end user review. We operate under precise and numerous quality controls, standard operating procedures, and guidelines to ensure a quality finished product.


Artwork Confidentiality

Master Ink Studios' company policy ensures that your artwork and logos remain confidential until the unveiling of your product line. Our professional in-house artists operate with full discretion to protect the intellectual property our clients. Artwork will never be replicated or reproduced without the consent of the client. 

Shipping and Packaging

Standard shipping costs by US Mail, FedEx and UPS are not included in estimates or processing time unless specified.

Once an order has been picked up by the mail carrier, we are not reponsible for any mail carrier delays.

We recommended that customers ship items with UPS or FedEx tracking numbers.

Split orders are billed and shipped to the multiple locations.

Please make us aware of any special needs before the order is estimated, printed and shipped to avoid additional charges.

All items will be bulk packaged. Individual folding, tagging, bagging, etc, shall be charged at the current rates.


Garment Sorting (Contract Printing)

 A separate sorting fee of $50.00 may apply. Large orders require a substantial amount of sorting to separate into various designs.

Customers have the option to pick-up garments at our facility and personally sort the items offsite.


Order Receiving

At the time an order is picked up or received by mail, we encourage you to check the quantities and quality of the garments.

Master Ink Studios cannot be held accountable for defects with an order unless we are contacted within the first 7 days after pick-up or delivery.


Order Cancellation

In the event an order is cancelled within 2 business days of the order placement, customers shall receive a full refund or return of deposit.

If any printing has begun, there can be no deposit refunds.


Prices are subject to change due to variances in stock. All rates are current to competitive industry standards.